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Djay Pro Crack is Algoriddim’s award-winning next-generation DJ software. Its unique and modern interface is built on advanced integration with the music library, allowing you to instantly access your favorite music. Impeccable sound quality and powerful feature set (including high-definition waveforms, four decks, audio effects, video mixing, and hardware integration) provide you with unlimited creative flexibility, which can push your device to new heights.

DJay Pro Crack is a multi-track sequencer. It has a great visual interface and is very easy to work with. You can create and edit the tracks by dragging and dropping them. This software comes with a built-in metronome, drum samples, virtual piano, and lots of other virtual instruments like an electric guitar, drums, keyboards, etc. The software also includes a great DJ mixer that allows you to mix up different tracks in real-time.

Djay Pro Mac Crack 2021 Activation Key Free Download

Djay Pro Crack

DJ automatic mixing based on artificial intelligence can easily relax and automate your music collection through breathtaking transitions. By using machine learning and human DJ training sets, Automix AI can intelligently identify rhythm patterns and the best intro and ending of songs. Automix AI calculates the optimal fade-in and fade-out time and automatically applies parameter changes to the equalizer and filter to achieve a seamless transition. Also, Guitar-Pro-Crack.

The core of Djay Pro Mac Crack is an innovative DJ software with a modern user interface that provides a flexible functional layer and a powerful music library in a single-window interface. Incorporating Djay’s Apple Design Award-winning turntable view, this view can reproduce the real recording beat on a virtual vinyl record and has more advanced modes, including horizontal and vertical color waveforms, real-time samplers and drum pads, effects frame. As a powerful four-layer view, DJ can play, mix and synchronize up to four audio tracks simultaneously.

My library

The Djay Pro license key has a powerful library editing function, making music management easier than ever. Create your own custom playlists using songs in iTunes and the file system.

Split mode

In the library split mode, you can view songs in iTunes and Finder side by side. This enables you to manage songs from multiple sources in parallel with unprecedented efficiency and flexibility.

Smart playlists and filters

To help you organize playlists and find songs quickly, Djay Pro 2 Crack includes a powerful smart filter. Using 12 different conditions, you can create rules that show what you really need, whether it’s creating a permanent playlist or temporarily looking for a specific song.

Single-layer mode

In this powerful track preparation view, you will see a larger library and a large single deck view, perfect for preparing cue points, loops, and rhythm grids.

Saved loops and cue points

Djay Pro activation key allows you to save up to 8 cycles and cue points. Now you can also name all saved loops and cue points.

New audio engine

Djay Pro 2 provides ultra-low latency, better speed, and accuracy by tracking analysis and creating the highest resolution waveform. Effects, equalizers, filters, and loops benefit from a significant improvement in quality. Djay Pro has never sounded better!

Post-fader effect

The audio effects in the Djay Pro promo code have been significantly improved, and effects can now be assigned after the faders, so turning off the faders no longer means turning off the effect queue.

Keyboard shortcut editor

Djay Pro 2 Keygen includes a complete keyboard editor that allows you to map any function in Djay Pro 2 to custom keyboard shortcuts. Thus, this feature is especially useful if you are using a laptop and want to add frequently used functions to your settings via the keyboard.

Music. Photo. Film.

The video mode in Djay Pro allows you to mix photos and live videos, and apply a reactive audio visualizer to songs, perfectly synchronized with the music.


Moreover, use various visual transitions (including Blend, Luma, Cube, Swap, Grid, Mosaic, and Push) to mix the video. You can also enable split mode, which allows you to cross-fade audio and video independently.

Title and image overlay

Djay Pro Crack enables you to overlay videos with text titles and images. You can use any font installed on your Mac, and then choose the title color, opacity and position.

A/V recording

In addition to its extensive video mixing capabilities, Djay Pro also enables you to record your own orchestra, including all audio, video, overlays, and effects.

Visual effects

Furthermore, Djay Pro comes with many high-quality visual effects, which can be linked together to provide rich audio and video ideas. Effects include grid equalizer, kaleidoscope, circular splash, RGB offset, edge, invert, tile, splash, ripple, and radial blur.


Apply an amazing reactive audio visualizer to your song, perfectly synchronized with the music. Dynamic graphics are generated in real-time based on the parameters (such as tempo, beat, frequency) of the track being played.

External display

From monitors, TVs to projectors, Djay Pro-Full Cracked can play high-definition video. Therefore, with the correct connector, you can directly output from DJ software via HDMI, Thunderbolt, DVI devices, or Airplay.


Preview and prepare the next song through the headset: By enabling the Djay Pro’s separate mode or using an external audio interface. You can listen to the song through the headset regardless of how the mix in the main speaker is broadcast live.

MIDI control

Djay Pro seamlessly integrates with your existing professional DJ hardware. In addition to supporting more than 50 ready-made MIDI controllers provided by Pioneer, Numark, Reloop, and other manufacturers. djay Pro also includes an advanced MIDI learning system. It allows you to assign each hardware control on the device to each operation in djay Pro, and customize its settings to meet your needs for style and performance.

Multi-channel audio interface

djay Pro provides native support for the USB audio interface, allowing you to preview the mix through headphones while providing impeccable sound quality through the main output.

Plug and play configuration

Anyone of our compatible djay Pro hardware accessories can be directly used by plug and play. This allows you to easily configure your preferred DJ system.

Link up to 4 CDJs

Djay Pro’s guided plug-and-play setup allows you to easily and effectively integrate DJ software with up to 4 CDJs. Its instant audio settings also allow us to gradually take over the previous DJ.

What’s the new Djay Pro 3.1 Crack?

  • Support touch bar.
  • 64-bit native application.
  • Graphics engine at 60 frames per second.
  • Extensive keyboard shortcuts.
  • Multi-point touchpad control.
  • Support MIDI Bluetooth.
  • Video mixing and support for external display.
  • How to prepare the platform.
  • Support multi-channel audio interface.
  • Advanced automatic mixing.
  • Instant access to more than 20 million songs.
  • This provides unprecedented flexibility for song selection.
  • The Spotify integration in djay includes all your existing playlists.
  • The powerful online search function allows you to find tracks efficiently.
  • Support more than 50 MIDI controllers such as Pioneer DJ, Reloop, Numark, Denon DJ, etc.
  • Advanced MIDI learning system that can map each control to the user’s hardware.
  • Subscribe once to access unlimited content and features of djay Pro on all iOS devices.
  • playlist editing and management, smart filters, drag-and-drop integration through the “File” application, and Dropbox.

How to Crack?

  • Download Djay Pro Crack and install it.
  • Now use the key to activate.
  • Finished, ready to use, and enjoy!

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