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Octoplus Box 3.1.0 Crack Full Activation Code

Octoplus Box Crack is a multi-brand tool that allows you to use various mobile phones for Flash/decoding/repair operations. It provides a wide range of service operations for most existing LG and Samsung mobile phones, has a multi-language software interface, and many other functions, and can be used in various mobile operating systems.

The main purpose of the Octoplus Box Activation Code is to decode and update LG and Samsung mobile phones, but its users also have the benefit of repairing devices (mobile phones, PDAs, modems, etc.) powering off or restoring these devices. Equipment until they are fully operational. Similarly, the Content Extractor function is useful in the current service center product list. Many other services can also be provided on demand by using Octopus Server credits.

This is a special tool made for Samsung devices. The tool can be said to be compatible with more than 600 Samsung devices. This tool can update your specific Samsung device. You can select the model of your phone and use this tool. This tool is made for the Windows operating system and can run on Windows XP, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10. This is a simple tool that can be used easily. Octoplus Samsung Tool Crack Free Download is an amazing box for unlocking Samsung smartphones. Download “My Account Unlock Tool” to remove all unlock from my smartphone.

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Octoplus Box Crack

OctoPlus Box Full Cracked is the most standard operation solution in the industry. The software is updated once a week. It can read and write complete Flash files and calibration data. The manual option has a complete description of all uses of the function. It has a fast peripheral connection speed. The program has a standard FTDI combination circuit for mobile phone service via serial connection. You can also unlock the entire Flash file in binary format. Users can easily apply new devices to the list of supported models.

Furthermore, users can easily process images and multimedia files through the system operating system. It helps to find users’ contacts and SMS texts, multimedia files, image file names, etc. OctoPlus Box Setup is a simple and intuitive user interaction software application. No type of user will understand it. The function of the software’s material extraction tool is impressive.

Furthermore, a built-in smart repair file generator with a partition manager used to create custom SRF SRF files can be obtained from the device or read from the Full Flash file in binary format. This feature allows users (without developer assistance) to add devices to the list of supported models that are not yet officially supported.

The user will be able to upload the custom SRF file to a separate section of the “support area” for further analysis by developers. If the custom SRF file is recognized as legitimate and correct, the author’s name (or nickname) will be displayed in the next update. Therefore, users have the opportunity to participate in the development of Medusa PRO and become well-known in certain circles.

Octoplus Box Crack Setup Without Box Free Download

OctoPlus Pro Box Crack Ultimate (LG + SAM + SE / SONY + FRP + JTAG / EMMC) 5in1 is the most complex solution in the OctoPlus team. It combines a single frame and JTAG interface and is compatible with more than 530 Samsung, 900 LG, and JTAG 460. It can be used to unlock, refresh and restore LG phones, solve freezing issues and restore IMEI, NVM, camera, and network.

So, this box provides complete A2 platform support, including an advanced language pack editor and complete Softbank support. Box allows you to repair the startup on LG 3G-Cyon-Show-FOMA and Anycall phones. OctoPlus Pro Crack is a JTAG/EMMC product for professional phone refresh and mobile unlocking tools, allowing you to use it with various Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Vodafone, ZTE, and other mobile devices. Through JTAG, USB, and MMC interface.

Thus, firmware read and write functions can save time. If your phone is turned off during the update process, you need the original ROM for the reused phone. If you read the firmware before the update process, it will help you. It can also repair the IMEI of the device. Sometimes, after refreshing the device, IMEI disappears. Using this function, you can manually enter the IMEI code and repair it. Be careful before changing IMEI, as this is an illegal activity in some countries.

Key Features:

  • The software fully supports all operations (reading, writing, and editing) and any required memory parts through JTAG, USB, and MMC interfaces.
  • Simple and intelligent graphical user interface (GUI), suitable for beginners and experts.
  • Use Smart Repair File (SRF) to quickly repair the target device.
  • SRF contains partition data and other necessary data. (help files and charts)
  • The data in SRF is compressed (fewer downloads, faster work).
  • Built-in partition manager-now, you can edit and save the partitions required by the job, which provides a convenient way to repair equipment. In addition, using the partition manager, you can open a complete Flash file in binary format, edit it, and then write it back to the device.
  • Simple operations (read, write, erase, edit) of each partition of the target storage device.

Hardware Features:

  • Fast high-speed USB 2.0 hardware.
  • JTAG supports ARMv5, ARMv6, ARMv7.
  • JTAG speed up to 24 MHz.
  • The transfer speed through the JTAG interface is up to 1 MB/s.
  • EMMC supports up to MMC 5.0 standards.
  • Supports 1-bit and 4-bit MMC bus modes.
  • Standard 20-pin JTAG interface.
  • Integrated USB CCID smart card reader.
  • The integrated R​​J45 multi-port, compatible with Unibox.

What’s new Octoplus Box 3.1.0 Crack?

  • Direct unlock
  • Reset all locks
  • Firmware upgrade
  • Read/write full flash and calibration data files
  • Read firmware version
  • Complete factory reset
  • Support LG 3G-Cyon-Show-FOMA mobile phone
  • Anycall phone support
  • Repair IMEI
  • Read boot/flash
  • Boot/Flash write
  • Clear boot/flash
  • Boot/Flash Repair
  • Multilingual software interface

How to Setup?

  • First, download Octoplus Box Crack from the link below.
  • Second, run the pre-enabled installer and install it.
  • Finally, everything is complete.

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