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Vector Magic 1.20 Crack With Activation Keygen

Vector Magic Crack is a useful tool for converting digital images into vector images. This tool is very famous because it provides you with unlimited digital image flexibility. Just upload it to automatically convert JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF bitmap images to real SVG, EPS, and PDF vector images online. Of course, you can check the automatic detection settings. So, Vector Magic provides you with meaningful settings that are understandable by humans, not just a machine, and easy to change.

Vector Magic Crack can be used as a standalone desktop application for Windows PC and Mac, can convert images offline. And use copy-paste and drag-and-drop functions to work seamlessly with first-class graphics software (such as Illustrator, Corel DRAW, and other graphics software). Vector Magic Keygen has a convenient drag and drop interface that allows you to load, convert, and save images very quickly. This is demonstrated in the demo video. You can also copy the contents of the bitmap to the clipboard, and then paste it directly into the desktop application. Since most modern software supports copy, paste, and drag and drop, it can be seamlessly integrated with most graphics software.

Vector Magic Desktop Crack can be used to vectorize images and is very suitable for many applications, such as Corel, Illustrator, etc. In addition, the Vector Magic license key embeds the ability to render the result in the required format (including AI or DXF). Other useful functions allow you to accurately describe each bit, including edge pixels, to provide a vector image just like the original image. You don’t need to worry about these small details. It works in the best way, i.e. you place the exact number of nodes in the ideal location. Therefore, please perform image conversion with the smallest file size.

Vector Magic Product Key Free Download

Vector Magic product key carefully tracks every piece of information available in the image and cuts out every edge pixel at the correct position to reproduce the original image’s intent. This allows us to unravel the small details lost by other tools, thereby reducing the nuances of your input to a minimum before losing them. Customers usually provide the logo in PNG format, but you may need to convert it to SVG to print. Repainting may take several hours. On the contrary, with Vector Magic, you will usually get excellent results within a few seconds.

There will be some images that require some adjustments. However, the Vector Magic serial key can be used to select the degree of smoothness experienced by the image. High-quality details usually do not require much adjustment, because even the smallest details are clearer. Conversely, low-quality images have less detail, so you may need to adjust the Vector Magic settings before addressing the level of quality that you think is acceptable.

Vector Magic Full Cracked is an easy-to-use image editing software. Vectorize the image, create a quality-based output, sharpen the colors, and then descend the image. The main functions of Vector Magic include bitmap to vector image converter, palette highlighter, and developer’s online tutorial library. If you belong to the image-based content creation industry, this is a solution worth considering.

Key Features:


Do you need to prepare artwork for printing, cutting, or embroidering? Vector Magic can help you control the image flow. Speed ​​up response time, minimize pre-printing problems, and reduce costs!


Your logo represents your brand and is used in multiple media: your website, business cards, brochures, banners, etc. By adopting a vector format, the display effect is always consistent and clear in all situations.

Graphic Design

Quickly put the bitmap source material into your vector composition, which opens up a series of creative possibilities. Or go to the old school to draw something on paper, then scan, vectorized, and perfect your creation.


Vector Magic turns the arduous and tedious task of drawing bitmaps by hand into an easy one-click experience. Control your images again!


If you compare the results of other tools, you will notice that the vector produced by Vector Magic Crack is more realistic than the original bitmap. This usually makes them immediately available, or in smaller quantities, if cleaning is required.


With the high cost of outsourcing and the time spent on manual tracking, Vector Magic can recover costs with very little use. And since usage is not restricted, it always makes sense to test it on any image that needs to be vectorized.


Why wait when not necessary? Vector Magic returns results immediately, so you can continue with your work and the things that really matter.

What’s new in Vector Magic 1.20 Crack?

  • Fully automatic vectorization.
  • Basic vectorization mode, with easy-to-select settings.
  • Advanced vectorization mode with detailed control.
  • EPS, SVG, and PDF vector output.
  • AI, DXF vector output.
  • The powerful preview function can check the results in detail.
  • Segment editing function.
  • The barrier-free teacher changes skills.
  • Simple drag and drop interface and bitmap performance.
  • The basic vectorization mode can be selected with simple settings.
  • Additional 1x zoom.
  • Successfully processed very large images.

Vector Magic 2020 Crack Mac/Win Activation key

Vector Magic Crack, also used the latest version, which left a deep impression on him due to its amazing features. However, the latest version of this tool directly selects the image type when uploading. In addition, with its specific functions, you can easily get actual photos and output vector images. It also provides you with excellent photo conversion effects. In addition, you can also extract output files in different formats. You can also complete the entire conversion process in a short time. It can also save you critical time.

Of course, the smoothest and clearest images have been used in various applications, which makes the Vector Magic Activation key an excellent software product. Using this software solution, you can delete bitmaps and get clearer images. The software has various color palettes and quality options to highlight different parts of each image. These provide you with impressive versatility to achieve higher image quality.

With Vector Magic Crack, you can also improve the color scheme of the image. This is useful if you are worried about cleaner, sharper colors. You can select the color to be highlighted from the color palette. Up to 12 different colors can be highlighted at the same time. After selection, the system will automatically smooth the image while eliminating color spots between contours.

How to Activate?

  • First, the Vector Magic Registration Code download from the link below.
  • Just wait a few moments.
  • Run and enjoy it.

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